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If you have a certain piece of jewellery in mind, with a special meaning to you or someone you love and wish to have a piece specifically designed, our designer Mai Manniche will help you design the jewellery of your dreams.

Everything is possible in both gold, silver, white gold and with or without gemstones and diamonds.

Production time of customized jewellery is about 4-6 weeks.

Please send your wishes and requests to Mai at

Below you will find a selection of previously designed customised jewellery (prices are available on request).

1. Heart pendant



A loving boyfriend had a sweet nickname for his girlfriend and therefore wanted an elegant and sweet necklace for her with a silver heart and triangle symbol. 


2. The Friend Gift



What do you give the soon-to-be bride who has everything? Of course something that symbolises her life and interests. The receipient of this pendant loved horses and luxury, so this beautiful pendant with a horse in a drop shaped pendant embellished with diamonds was designed. The pendant is made out of 925 sterling silver and 1.00 carat single cut diamonds. 


3. The Girlfriend Necklace



A woman had a new and cool idea for a modern name-tag neklace with her and her boyfriends initials - which she herself wanted to wear everyday. This simple, yet timeless design of the letters P & H was created. The pendant is made out of 925 sterling silver.


4. The Exclusive Bracelet



The customer had a large brilliant cut diamond and two beautiful saphires which she wanted to use in a bracelet. All three stones became the center piece in this bracelet, and Mai found the remaining sapphires and diamonds to match. The bracelet is made out of 18 carat gold and 6.00 carat diamonds. 


5. Wedding Earrings (hand made)



When Danish equistrian Tina Lund married Allan Nielsen she wore her customised earrings designed by Mai Manniche. Tina wanted something classic with white pearls and Mai designed these elegant drop shaped hoop earrings with a shining freshwater pearl hanging inside the hoop. The earrings are made out of 925 sterling silver and 14 karat gold embellished with single cut diamonds and freshwater pearls.


6. The ROCK



A customer who loves diamonds - the bigger the better. Mai found this gorgeous 5.06 carat brilliant cut diamond. A stunning diamond at an affordable price. A diamond of this size needs a simple design so only the diamond is in focus, so the diamond was set in a simple 18 carat white gold ring band.

In the image to the left you see the ring with the large diamond, and on the right you see the customer wearing the ring alongside another ring with 2.00 carat diamonds - also designed by Mai Manniche. 




7. The Dream Earrings




The customer had long dreamed of two designs. In cooperation with Mai these two elegant designs were created, both with diamonds and in 14 carat gold. 


8. The Dream Ring



The woman who has everything, but want to add a touch of glamour to her edgy and cool look with a ring for her pinky. The handmade ring exists of 14 carat gold and embellished with single cut diamonds.


9. The Wedding Band - for the groom (handmade)



A lot of men have difficulty finding the right wedding band - even more so if they are not accustomed to wearing jewellery. A cool combination is white gold and black diamonds, which create a cool and unique look. Mai designed this cool wedding band for a man in 14 carat white gold and three black diamonds, which represented the three kids the groom shared with his future wife. The ring is made of 14 carat white gold and 0.26 carat black diamonds


10. The Alternative Wedding Ring





A lot of people imagine the right wedding ring as a simpel and classic alliance ring with diamonds all around the ring band. But in the world of Mai Manniche there is not one solution to the right wedding ring - it all depends on the bride herself. Mai designed this unique wedding ring for a very special woman, who wanted something unique and vintage-like. The ring has a large rose cut diamond in the middle surrounded by single cut diamonds set in black sterling silver and a 14 carat gold ring band. The ring has 0.81 carat diamonds, Colour: I (rose cut) + K (single cut ), Clarity: VS1 (rose cut ) + SI (single cut).

The ring was made to match the woman's engagement ring - also from JEWLSCPH - the super trendy INFINITY ring (see image below).


11. Custom-made ring with black diamonds





A customer wanted one of our MAGIC DIAMOND rings but with black diamonds - and the result was the ring you see below. The combination of 18 carat white gold and black diamonds is super cool and exclusive. The ring has 2.57 carat diamonds and a total of 96 diamonds. 



12. Two very special pendants



A strong symbol of love - these two custom-made pendants were designed for a women, who wanted to remember a special someone. Both pendants are made out of black sterling silver and 24 carat gold plated silver with single cut diamonds. One of the pendants also has a beautiful, faceted citrine gemstone surrounded by 0.3 carat diamonds. The heart pendant has 0.34 carat diamonds.


13. The Wedding Ring - classic with a twist




Most people recognize the classic wedding ring set - the thin and simple ring band for the groom, and a similar design perhaps with a diamond for the bride. This wedding ring set was designed by Mai in close cooperation with the wedding couple - the groom's ring is a 4 mm wide ringband with a matte finish, and a classic ring band with three 0.19 carat diamonds for the bride - both rings are made out of 18 carat gold. The prices are 27.000 DKK and 35.000 DKK - but is dependant on size and how much gold is needed. A similar set can be made in sterling silver and with white topaz at a lower price.


14. The jewellery which can be shared and kept



A customer had a very specific wish for a piece of jewellery - it should be possible to be used together and seperately as part of the jewellery was meant as airlooms for the children. The solution was a pair of classic diamond hoops and three different pendants which could also be used as necklace pendants. The set is made of freshwater pearls, aquamarines and 4.42 carat single cut diamonds. Click here to read more about the custom-made jewellery (in Danish only)



15. The Christening Gift



A customer wanted a special pendant for her god daughter with a zodiac sign (aquarius) and a rose - because that is her name. Together the cusomter and Mai designed this elegant silver coin with both symbols and the date of the christening. A perfect, unique and personal christening gift.