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When buying a ring, you need to know the ringsize. Watch this video and see how our designer Mai Manniche show you how to find your own ringsize - or the ringsize of the receiver of the ring. Please notice the video is in danish, but it's easy and tutorial - and under the video you'll find an easy step-by-step guide. We recommend three methods to use - two of them you can easily do at home yourself.


Find your ringsize - three methods

1 method - find the circumference of your finger and then the ringsize:
For this you need a ruler, 20 cm of coloured string and a pen.
1. Wrap the string three times around the finger you need to find the size for
2. Mark across the string with a pen, so you clearly see the marks
3. Take the string off the finger
4. Find to marks from the pen (next to each other)
5. Measure the distance between the marks - is it 52 mm, the size is 52 etc.

2 method - find the ringsize by measuring another ring:
Here you need one of the persons own ring:
1. Take a ruler
2. Measure the inside diameter of the ring
3. Look and the scheme hereunder and you get the ringsize
(indvendig mm is inside diameter mm - and 'ringstørrelse' is 'ringsize')

3 method - go to a shop
You can always go directly into a goldsmith or other stores selling jewellery - and have your ringsize measured byt them with their professionel tools.

Any questions? Please contact us for further assistance