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Mai Manniche - Jewellery designer JEWLSCPH



The woman behind JEWLSCPH is Mai Manniche - who realized her dream and founded JEWLSCPH in 2005. Fascinated by beautiful gemstones and vivid colours, Mai began an exciting jewellery adventure, focusing on designing designer jewellery. Since the very beginning Mai has designed a wide collection of designer jewellery consisting of gold and diamond jewellery to leather bracelets and sterling silver jewellery.

From the beginning the goal was clear: JEWLSCPH had to be a jewellery company offering jewellery for (almost) every taste - and therefore all collections consist of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in a wide variety of styles and designs. Common for all the jewels is that they are exclusively made of precious materials and precious stones, as quality is crucial for the beauty and durability of each jewellery.

Jewellery highlights the style and personality of each individual woman. Therefore it is very important that every woman can find that piece of jewellery and the exact colour that suits her style, while also maintaining its beauty for a long time. "I'm very focused on making jewellery for all women, not only jewellery for a particular trend or for one kind of woman," says Mai Manniche about her thoughts on designing her jewellery.

Jewellery with meaning
Jewellery can be more than a beautiful accessory, it can also be a way for a woman to express her meanings and embrace her inner spirit in an outer way. Exactly to express your oppinion to life, through jewellery, is something Mai has always believed in. And she is not afraid to share her stance on religion and women's rights. That is why JEWLSCPH is much more than beautiful jewellery, it is also jewellery with meaning.


It started with the Tolerance Necklace, then came the Peace Necklace and later JEWLSCPH introduced the unique and patented POWER Necklace. The POWER necklace was created in coorporation with singer-/songwriter Aura Dione. Since 2009 JEWLSCPH has supported the Danish Heart Organisation by designing a special necklace donating all surplus to the organisation and lately JEWLSCPH has supported the organisation Dannerhuset - supporting them in ther help for violence against children and women. Recently, JEWLSCPH launched the UNITED Necklace supporting the Nanhi Chhaaan Foundation in India, working with the objectives of empowering the rights of the girl child.

JEWLSCPH diamonds
Diamonds are a girls best friend - and a natural development of JEWLSCPH's collections. The diamond collection consists of designs with both brilliant cut, single cut and rose-cut diamonds, each with their own different signature look.

The company
JEWLSCPH is a true family business - with Mai's brother David fulltime employed in the business, and their mother contributing to all daily coaching. David handles all legal questions and the development of the business in close coorporation with Mai. David and Mai are actually "pseudo-twins" and with only 1,5 year apart they have always been closely connected - and JEWLSCPH is therefore a natural extension of their relation.

Today JEWLSCPH counts 7 employers all together, and various freelance collaborators.

Precious materials
All materials used at JEWLSCPH are real, genuine materials, and only precious metals such as 925 sterling silver and 14, 18 and 21 carat gold - combined with a great variety of precious stones in the most spetacular and fascinating cuts and colours.


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