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A piece of jewelry is a symbol of love, and is therefore crucial for the perfect wedding.

Our collection consists of engagement rings, wedding rings, morning gifts - as well as jewelry for wedding guests.

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 and be inspired - or you can also get a custom-made special piece of jewelry in cooperation with our designer Mai Manniche. 
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Step-by-step ...

Have you found your life partner? If so, the wedding is definitely the next step in your love life.
But before you can walk down the aisle together as man and wife, first comes the engagement :

Engagement Ring :

The engagement ring is very important as it is a symbol of your love : it is the ring the man gives standing on his knees, opening up to her with the words: "will you marry me"... So yes it is important, but that being said, it is also important without doubt that your special someone would love the ring.

The tradition says that the engagement ring should cost one, two or three months salary. The most important thing is that you tell yourself that you will look at the ring - like your future wife - every day. A classic design of an engagement ring is a single diamond in white gold. The size of the diamond is determined by the budget. But a piece of jewelry is a one person processing thing, so the perfect engagement ring will be different from one person to another. We therefore suggest that you contact us for a talk about the perfect engagement ring for YOUR special someone.

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any people are unsure of where the engagement ring should sit. Traditionally, the engagement ring sits on her left hand and the wedding ring on her right hand.

Wedding Ring :

If the engagement ring is the man's choice, then choose a pair of wedding rings. The woman's engagement ring lives on her just as the wedding ring... Perhaps opt for a wedding ring with a few extra diamonds on the ring band. A smart solution would be that the man has already invested in a particular engagement ring - and therefore it is "only" the man's wedding ring still to be found.

Another option is the classic one : husband and wife get their ring similar to each other. The woman's ring often has little more diamonds - and the man's ring is often quite simple. But again, there is no longer anything right and wrong - it's entirely up to you.

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Morning Gifts :

You have said YES to each other, partied all night and yes .... Now it's morning and the tradition is to give each other a present. A lovely end to a major milestone in your love life. Most women expect here, to get a piece of jewelery - but the man decides here what jewelery it should be. An obvious choice is a pair of beautiful sparkling diamond earrings - as the woman can use it again and again in her future life of wife.

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